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Airtightness Testing

We specialize in providing comprehensive and accurate airtightness testing for large buildings, including commercial and industrial structures, residential high-rises, and other multi-storey buildings.

Airtightness Testing is an important component of building science, as it helps to identify areas of air leakage that can lead to energy waste, condensation and durability issues, poor indoor air quality, and other issues. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expereince to provide reliable and detailed airtightness testing for buildings of all sizes.


What is airtightness testing?

A whole building airtightness test, also known as a blower door test, measures the air leakage rate of a building's envelope. It invovles using a fan, or multiple fans for a large building, to create a controlled pressure difference between the indoor and outdoor environment. The equipment quantifies the airflow through the fans while under pressure, and all airflow occuring through the fans is leaking through somewhere, or many places, in the building envelope. Our teams goal is to quantify the total air leakage rate, identify where the air leakage is occuring, determine why, and work with the project team to develop a remediation strategy. 

Contact us to discuss how an airtightness test can be implemented on your next project. 

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